What Are Different Types of Anxiety Disorders

The Occurrence of Anxiety Disorders is a normal part of human life because a human has to face so many Perplexities and hurdles in their lives. But sometimes this anxiety increases so much or the fear increases so much and Fear dominates the human being at all times then this anxiety and fear turns into a dangerous disorder. Controlling anxiety disorder on a daily basis becomes so difficult and this disorder gets more and more dangerous with every passing day. Anxiety disorders make you mentally sick for a long time and sometimes it becomes a lifelong mental disorder.

According to therapist near me for anxiety, There are very disadvantages of anxiety disorders like due to anxiety you overreact to everything, you can’t control your emotions anymore, you can’t concentrate on your work, you harm yourself or the people around you, etc. So you must avoid the things which are the causes of anxiety. In this article, we will tell you about types of anxiety disorders and some causes of anxiety disorders.

Types of anxiety disorders

There are many types of anxiety disorders. Diff people get affected by different types of anxiety. We will discuss Some of those types of anxiety.

Generalized anxiety disorder

In this type of anxiety disorder, the level of anxiety is so high. You are tensed so much, the level of tension is High and there is no reason for this tension. You stay in anxiety without any reason. And it is not good for your physical health too along with mental health. So you should try to overcome anxiety and fear. 

Panic disorder

In this type of anxiety disorder, you suddenly become tense and afraid and this dominates you in the form of a panic attack. In this panicking attack, your body starts releasing sweat and due to fear you sometimes feel chest pain, sometimes your heartbeat becomes so fast, etc. And your heartbeat is so fast you feel and think that you are having a heart attack. And then controlling panic disorder becomes so difficult. 

Social anxiety disorders

According to insomnia specialist near me, We call social anxiety disorder also social phobia. In this type of anxiety disorder, you don’t have to believe in yourself anymore to control and handle daily social situations. And you think that people will judge you wrong and due to this, you get affected by an anxiety disorder. One of the Doctors in Psychiatric practices near me says that Due to this social anxiety disorder, you move far away from social activities, you don’t like to meet and talk with people because you think that you will feel embarrassed talking and sitting in people. 

Specific phobias

In this disorder, sometimes you get a phobia of some specific objects or places. Like you are afraid of a specific thing and you also get affected by a phobia of place. Such as some people have height phobia, they are afraid to go to heights, and some people have a phobia of flying. Many people have a phobia of water they are afraid of water, they don’t go near the water, etc. So people avoid those things and places from which they have a phobia. They can’t do those things even if they want to due to phobia. 


In this type of phobia, you have a phobia of getting lost at any place or no one can come to that place to help you, both these phobias occur in agoraphobia. Many people have phobias of airplanes, public transport, crowds, traveling alone, etc. They think that they will get lost, someone will kidnap them and they can’t ask for help there and if they will ask for help, they will not get help. 

Separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is a specific type of anxiety. This anxiety mostly affects the children and then children think that their loved one will leave them alone or they think what if their loved ones leave them? Same to children, adults do also suffer from separation anxiety. Because if they are in so many close relationships then they have fear and anxiety of separation from them. And sometimes you feel that the most loved person by you is in danger or anything will harm him or he leaves you, etc. These types of thoughts come to your mind when you are affected by a separation anxiety disorder. Brecksville Cleveland clinic is the best treatment center for mental health.

Selective mutism 

In this type of anxiety disorder, you have anxiety from selective things like many children or people talk. So well in school, college, etc but they don’t talk like that at home or some people talk well at home with family. But they don’t talk like this outside the home in a public place. This type of person is affected by a selective mutism anxiety disorder. 

Medication-induced anxiety disorders

This is a specific type of anxiety disorder and it is caused by using illegal drugs and medicines. If any person eats so many medicines for a long period of time. Then there are chances that the pets may get affected by an anxiety disorder. And this is caused by the excessive use of medicines.

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