Learn to Protect Your Belongings from Mice

Mice can transmit diseases, and they can also cause property damage. Whether you live in a big or a small city, you might have to deal with these annoying pests. Calling an exterminator to spray your home is the best way for getting rid of them. There are genius hacks for mouse-proofing your home.

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Following are some ways to protect your belongings from mice-

1. Fill up holes with steel wool

If you want to keep these rodents out of your house, you should bring steel wool. Unlike paper and drywall, mice cannot chew through steel wool; even if they did, they would die before they make it to your pantry. You should stuff any holes where mice are likely to enter. You should keep them from sneaking in. 

2. Bring on the bright light

If you want to keep mice from taking over your house, you should try to turn on the lights and keep your place well-ventilated. There are some exterminators which suggest strobe lights for deterring an infestation. It is a fact that mice are nocturnal and are less inclined to show up in areas that are well-lit.

3. Spray some peppermint oil

You should try making your home smell fresh by spraying peppermint oil. This oil may help deter pests, and you should use it with caution if you have other pets. It might cause respiratory problems in your pets. 

4. Set out some antifreeze

Some antifreeze in a bowl can be an excellent way to keep these rodents away from your home. It tends to have a sweet taste and mice tend to get attracted to it. However, it ultimately poisons the rats if they ingest it. You should make sure to use this type of method with caution if you have pets in your home.

5. Cement the gap with a brick

If there is a hole in your house, you can put a brick in it. Rodents tend to chew through sturdy objects such as books, and they cannot chew through bricks as they are dense and heavy.  

6. Deter these rodents with Ammonia

Ammonia is one ingredient which helps you deter mice; hence, you should place small amounts of Ammonia near the potential entry points as it acts as a mice repellant and prevents them from coming to your home.

7. Make use of hard-side glass containers for storing food

Rodents can get into any food or soft packaging. If you are concerned about any kind of infestation, you should get some containers that are hard to chew. The containers with sealed lids are the best way for keeping these annoying rodents out of your house.

8. Caulk small holes

Rodents can virtually squeeze into any space, and to keep them out, you can use a little silicone caulk for sealing up any potential entry points. 

9. Use moth balls

Mothballs kill eggs and larvae, and many people use them to keep rats, squirrels and mice away. Even an ounce of mothball can be toxic when it is swallowed. They contain Naphthalene, considered a deterrent, and when it is ingested, the strong-smelling substance can repel mice. You can set out a few moth balls at the entrance, and they will stay away for good.

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10. Lighten up your landscaping

You can mark any spots where rodents could be hiding and lighten up your landscaping. You should avoid planting hedges against your house as it might keep the mice infestations at bay. Many people also scatter dried or fresh herbs such as lavender or mint throughout the house to deter mice from your house.

11. Place screen vents in chimneys

You should keep the damper completely closed when the fireplace is not in use. You should cap the chimney and you should install a mesh-covered chimney cap to keep the small rodents from entering your house. Choose the right cap for your chimney. However, while doing this you should not decrease the airflow as it would lead to chimney fire.

12. Install gutter guards

Gutters are a system of highways by which rodents can access your house and get an entry in it. You should install a gutter guard as it can keep them out of the gutters.

13. Heap on the hot sauce

Some amount of hot sauce might go a very long way when it comes to deterring mice. They are turned off by the spicy scent of hot sauce. You can also spray Cayenne pepper inside your home as it is one of the most efficient ways for getting rid of these annoying rodents once and for all!

14. Fix any gap in your foundation

It is very important to check every nook and corner of your house and fix the foundation of your home and mice tend to sneak in through these gaps and hence you should make sure to fill them when they appear. Thus, you will do a good job keeping these pests out.

15. Make use of dryer sheets

Another type of strong smell that will deter mice from your house is dryer sheets, and you can place one around the mouse hangout points or either stuff them in the entry holes. You should also make sure to remove them once their smell wears off! The best things about dryer sheets is that they not only act as a mouse deterrent but they keep your house fresh.

16. Keep your garage food-free

It is very important to keep your garage food-free as mice might come lurking in your house for food and they also might enter your garage which could be problematic. A garage often might turn as an entry point for mice and it could lead to a full-blown infestation. You should keep your mice indoors and this will help you keep the mice out.

These are some proven ways to protect your belongings from mice.

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